Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much more costly is the Unislat Wall system compared to steel or wood walls?

A. When compared equally, the Unislat Wall is actually LESS costly than other walls. Plus, because it is 50% lighter it saves on shipping costs.

Q: How does this wall go up?

A. It's really very simple. There are no start by screwing in the top starting strip to existing studs or walls. Then easily snap the next strip in and screw down. Continue as far as you want to go and then add the finishing strip and corners. See the assembly instructions

Q: What about fading by the sun or by cleaning?

A. The Unislat Wall has an excellent UV stability rating of UL 94 which means it won't fade from the sun. It's chemical resistant and very easy to clean, unlike wood or metal walls.

Q: What if I want a funky color with a textured finish?

A. Standard colors are White, Black, Sandstone, and Gray plus a new Aluminum, but we would be happy to accomodate your special needs. We can manufacture panels in most colors and we have several textures and designs we work with. Don't hesitate to ask!

Q: What if I want a longer or shorter length?

A. Standard length is 96 inches.

Q: Is there expansion and contraction of the Unislat Wall System?

A. Minimal, if any, due to setting the screws in each stud.

Q: Is the Unislat Wall System approved for "Clean Room" environment?

A. YES! Unislat Wall Systems have been used in hospital settings and operating rooms (O.R. Inventory Control)

Q: Is there a patent issued for the Unislat Wall and Display Systems?

A. YES! Unislat Wall Systems have been issued Patent Number: 7,464,511B2


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