Accessories for Unislat Walls and Displays

The Unislat Wall can be customized to fit any application by using a variety of fixtures.
These fixtures snap into place and can be easily removed and rearranged to any configuration.


Plastic Bins
Storebox, Shelfbox, Dividers, Popbox, Cratebox

Specialty Items
Heavy-Duty Brackets, “Grip-It” Organizer, Dust Drape, Cup Holder,
Catheter Holder, Small Acrylic Bin

Heavy-Duty Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets
Square, Rectangular, Double Sloping, Slanted, Folding

Wire Shelves
Heavy-Duty Slanted Shelf, Wire Video Shelves, Slanted Wire Shoe Shelf
Downslant Wire Shelf

Acrylic Trays & Shelves

Square, Rectangular, Rectangular Handbag, Lingerie Faceout

Square Handbag, Rectangular Handbag, Rectangular, Square,

Shelf Brackets, Acrylic, Chrome Adjustable

Plain Hooks, Hooks with 90 degree Tip, Flip Scan Hooks & Label Holders,
Hook Safety Tip, Double Hooks, Double Display Hooks, Picture Hooks, Acrylic Hooks

Display Accessories
Sign Holders, Signage Strips, Literature Holders/Displays, Display Hanger, Tie Bars, Acrylic Hook
Video Displays, Book Displays, CD/DVD Displays, Jewelry Displays, Hosiery Bins,
Light Display, Acrylic Mirror, Hat and Cap Displays, T-Shirt Display, Skate Display, Swimsuit Display
Sports Displays, Shovel Rack, Bag Holders, Eyeglass Displays

Hangbars & Scarecrows
Hangbar, Hangrail Bracket, Rectangular Hangrail Bracket, Acrylic Scarecrow,
Acrylic Adjustable Scarecrow, Chrome Hangrail, Chrome Rectangular Rail


Call or email your Unislat representative for more information on products available.

Take your organization a step further with Accessories for Unislat Walls & Displays



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